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Full Version: onArcade 2.4.1 released
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onArcade 2.4.1 has been released. As usual with minor releases, it does not contain any new features, but there are a few enhancements and many bug fixes. It is strongly encouraged to upgrade.

  • Support for Scirra HTML5 games feed. These games are not loaded to your server, they are added inside an iframe
  • Unity Web Player support
  • MySQL error messages are now logged
  • File downloading using socket
Fixed bugs:
  • Ads are converted to HTML entities
  • Missing iframe template
  • Links are added without approval
  • Profile page friends first page is loaded twice
  • Cannot embed games with line break in file name
  • No pagination on friends page in User CP
  • User CP Customize profile content box header says "Edit options"
  • Cups not hidden from index page when cups modification disabled
  • Comma in site name creates problems with emails
  • includes/image.php should handle errors better
  • v32 games sometimes do not check gname
  • Delete broken file error
  • Games shown twice in cups list in case there are 2 players with equal points
  • Password limited to 20 characters
  • Sort by title not working on search page
  • Submit page gives a horrible error when uploaded PNG file is not actually a PNG
  • Game files downloaded from game feed should be named after game ID in feed
  • IPB gamedata files are not deleted
  • PayPal callback on port 80 does not work anymore
  • Special characters create problems in bad words filter
  • Problem with TAR installer when description contains HTML

You can download it from clients area: http://www.onarcade.com/Clients/Licenses
Instructions for upgrading from onArcade 2.4.0 are in 2.4.0_to_2.4.1.txt, do not run upgrading script. Otherwise read readme.pdf.

Let me know if you have any problems!
thnx Hans Smile
aitäh Smile
thanks hans
nice and its a good update
Great work, Hans
i wish the best for you in future
keep working ...
Thanks Hans : }
does the old template (2.4) still work with this?
Thanks Hans
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